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Magnetic Couple Bracelets with Custom Letters Charms

Magnetic Couple Bracelets with Custom Letters Charms

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Never let go of your favourite person!

Want to spice up holding hands? With these magnetic bracelets, it is even more romantic than ever before! The perfect gift for couples who are seeking matching bracelets, but are still looking for something more discreet. Only the letter on your bracelet indicates the deep love between you.

The magnets attract each other when your hands get close, so you literally won’t lose each other! Surprise your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband. For Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, or Valentine's Day. 


In just 2 steps to your very own personal gift:

Step 1: Enter your desired engraving for the large bracelet (20cm)

Step 2: Enter your desired engraving for small bracelet (18cm)

Each bracelet is laser engraved by us with a lot of love and is absolutely unique. So it makes the perfect gift for you most important person to show your love and appreciation.

The lengths of the bracelet is 20cm and 18cm.


Material: Titanium and 925l stainless steel

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